Jen (xchefxjenx) wrote,

happy mother's day, to all you mother's out there.  hope your kids/husband are cooking for you for once.

i haven't been on lj in so long, i guess i'll do an update.

after much struggle over pay at my current job, i just got promoted and an extra $1.50 an hour.  instead of just a few hours a day as a prep cook at the bar, i now am the night cook, which offers a lot more hours and more responsibility.  when the head cook quit, the original night cook, vinnie, took his job, and was working 12 hour days for a few weeks.  (there originally was only 3 of us, 2 on days, 1 on nights).  i asked the owner if i could take over the night shift and told him how much i wanted, and he wasn't willing to give me my raise.  so he hired some dumbass, whose only previous experience was as a dishwasher.  needless to say, he didn't work out.  so vinnie went back to doubles for a few weeks, and i started bugging the owner.  finally, after numerous complaints from vinnie, he budged and gave me my raise and my own shift.  he now regrets he didn't do it sooner.

i'm still a little upset though, because they still need someone to work just like 3 days a week with vinnie, and one of the waitresses asked for the job, but the owner told her no more girls in the kitchen.  that really pissed me what?  we're bringing too much estrogen around the food?  since i have been given more responsibility, like helping vinnie come up with specials, customers have been commenting on the improved quality of the food and the menu.  that's what you get with a girl in the for her job and attention to detail.

anyway, that's what's happened to me in the last month.

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