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Sunday, May 8th, 2005
12:04 pm

happy mother's day, to all you mother's out there.  hope your kids/husband are cooking for you for once.

i haven't been on lj in so long, i guess i'll do an update.

after much struggle over pay at my current job, i just got promoted and an extra $1.50 an hour.  instead of just a few hours a day as a prep cook at the bar, i now am the night cook, which offers a lot more hours and more responsibility.  when the head cook quit, the original night cook, vinnie, took his job, and was working 12 hour days for a few weeks.  (there originally was only 3 of us, 2 on days, 1 on nights).  i asked the owner if i could take over the night shift and told him how much i wanted, and he wasn't willing to give me my raise.  so he hired some dumbass, whose only previous experience was as a dishwasher.  needless to say, he didn't work out.  so vinnie went back to doubles for a few weeks, and i started bugging the owner.  finally, after numerous complaints from vinnie, he budged and gave me my raise and my own shift.  he now regrets he didn't do it sooner.

i'm still a little upset though, because they still need someone to work just like 3 days a week with vinnie, and one of the waitresses asked for the job, but the owner told her no more girls in the kitchen.  that really pissed me off...like what?  we're bringing too much estrogen around the food?  since i have been given more responsibility, like helping vinnie come up with specials, customers have been commenting on the improved quality of the food and the menu.  that's what you get with a girl in the kitchen...love for her job and attention to detail.

anyway, that's what's happened to me in the last month.

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Saturday, February 5th, 2005
3:55 pm

if you are a professional female chef, join my new community



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2:14 am

this is my food diary, my thoughts on my obsessions.

i started working in the food industry in November of 2000, at a small deli in Hazel Park, MI called Proffitt's.  i had been a regular there since their opening in July, and loved the owners, Kathy and Lisa.  they gave me a job, and i discovered my passion. ( i had previously been attending wayne state universary for history)  i worked there until July, when i realized business wasn't doing so great, and i had to get out before i was cast out.  i loved working with Kathy, she was an amazing person and friend, but we unfortunantly lost touch shortly after the store closed.  i used to go visit her at another restaurant she worked at, but when she quit there, she disappeared.

i think i saw her a few nights ago in royal oak, but i'm not sure.  i hope it wasn't her, i'd hate to think i missed the chance to see her again.

anyway, from there i moved to a stupid office job, but when i was offered the job at loyola house, i grabbed it as quick as possible.  i've been there 3 1/2 years now, and have never been so comfortable with a job.  i work 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, and make pretty good money.

as for 2nd jobs to keep me busy the other 6 hours a day...

2002-2003-Alban's-the 2nd worst job i've ever had...i worked in the deli, and when i was being demeaned for being a girl by the manager Scott, then i was being sexually harrassed by the kitchen staff.  i was hardly given a chance to show my skills, being forced by those sexist pigs to run register, take hotel deliveries, and answer the fucking phone.  i called up one night, said i'm going to NY for the weekend, go fuck yourselves.  and that was that.

2003- Old Woodward Deli-I started working here on opening day, and after a week I couldn't believe how little the owner (and his entire family that worked there) knew about food.  he was more concerned with the look of the restuarant than he was with the knowledge of running a business.  business was slow from the start, and when my hours got cut, i quit.

2003-2004-Karuna Cafe inside the Mighigan School of Myomassology-upon being hired in, i was told that i would run, by myself, the small coffee shop inside this school during the day...try to expand the coffee and food menu, and try to draw in some outside business.  no problem, until i found myself also working as head receptionist and running between my desk to answer the phone and the counter to make a shot of wheatgrass.  i wasn't even able (or allowed for that matter) to take a lunch.  i quit when i realized they were having IRS troubles.

2004-Jimmy John's-I lasted one day here.  I took their fucking "sandwich making test", passed it, and was told they would call me to put me on the schedule.  they called me, a month later...I had already found a new job.

2004-Sweet Lorraine's Cafe- The WORST job I've ever had.  boobish, sexist, racist, homophobic, incompetant owners.  i was in charge of the following: slicing meat, cheese, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers (I was the ONLY person allowed to touch the slicer, even to clean it); catering (often making 6-7 trays a day, for crowds of up to 30 people); setting up the front sandwich line, making the sandwiches, breaking down the sandwich line after lunch, and then finally closing the store.  this was the most ridiculous place i have ever worked for, and i am amazed they are still open today.  by the time i quit not a single person that i was hired in with still worked there.  when i found out that a recent MALE employee was hired in at $1 more than me, with only 1 previous job experience (at alban's non-the-less) i quit.  there were times when i would get there at 9 am, start catering trays set to go out at 11, have 3 accounts call in and add orders (which was stated on the catering menu that we required 24 hour notice), which would put me behind in my prep...not be able to start prep until 11, the deli opening at 10:30, the first people usually coming in at 11:15...running back and forth between the slicer and the sandwich bored to fill orders, plus have to ring up the customers because the register girl was loading the truck, and then delivering the food to the table because that guy is also loading up the truck.  man, just writing about this place is making me mad.

anyway, after that, i started at the pub, my first real line job, which really isn't, because its just me and Layne back there.  but, for the first time since loyola house, i'm happy with my job, and have no reason to want to quit.  i love working with layne, and vinnie the night cook is great too.  most of the waitresses are great, although there are two that i call the twit twins.

so, that's my job histroy.  and i really only posted it cause i don't want this to be blank.


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